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K.O.T.J Aqua Ice Blue Velour Tracksuits

K.O.T.J Aqua Ice Blue Velour Tracksuits

£100.00 Regular Price
£50.00Sale Price

This Wavey number has a sleek and stylish design inspired by our earlier versions from a prior K.O.T.J collection. However, never in the history of Loyalty London has such a classic design been finished the way this item has. Whilst the PANTHER BLACK’s stealthy dark features may disappear in the night, the emblem doesn’t. In fact, the opposite. You see we decided to create a dual experience product that appears one way in the daytime and another in the night. We give you the reflective 3M silver arm strip lions responding to light. LUSCIOUS LAVENDER is a sight to behold and AQUA ICE BLUE is simply breathtaking. To add yet even more style in to the mix, we decided that nothing less than excellence will do for the fabric so the majority of the main body is finished in the finest velour fabric available.

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